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Bellafill Fillers in Charlotte

Medically reviewed by Richard Paul Greenberg, MD on 2/28/24

At Ageless Remedies SouthPark, we are proud to offer Bellafill® fillers as part of our comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments. Bellafill stands out as a unique and effective solution for those seeking long-lasting and natural-looking results and is the only dermal filler approved by the FDA to provide results lasting up to 5 years.

Unlike its counterparts, Bellafill’s unique biphasic formula provides immediate results for both men and women with smooth collagen gel, while PMMA microspheres stimulate your body’s natural collagen production for sustained, long-term lift and definition. Perfect for smile lines, nasolabial folds, acne scars, and more, Bellafill offers unmatched longevity, saving you time and money compared to frequent touch-ups.

Experience the confidence of lasting beauty by scheduling a consultation for Bellafill treatments at Ageless Remedies SouthPark in Charlotte, NC.

What is Bellafill and How it Works

Bellafill stands as the exclusive cosmetic filler designed to stimulate collagen growth over the long term, preserving your youthful appearance for up to 5 years. Say goodbye to frequent filler injections and hello to sustained beauty. Compared to other fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, which vanish within a year, Bellafill shines with its extended lifespan. Enjoy up to 5 years of wrinkle-free smiles and over a year of improved acne scars, leaving you free from the hassle of frequent touch-ups.

What makes Bellafill special? Unlike its temporary counterparts, it utilizes a two-part system:

  • Instant gratification: A smooth collagen gel immediately plumps wrinkles, providing visible results right after the injection.
  • Long-term transformation: Tiny PMMA microspheres act like a scaffold, stimulating your body’s own collagen production. This natural collagen reinforces the initial volume, offering enduring results that feel soft and smooth for up to 5 years.

Bellafill doesn’t just fill, it restores. By harnessing your body’s natural collagen production, it delivers natural-looking, long-lasting improvements unlike any other filler.

Benefits of Bellafill

Bellafill boasts unique advantages that set it apart in the world of dermal fillers. Let’s delve into the key benefits that make Bellafill a compelling choice:

Unmatched Longevity

Forget frequent touch-ups! Bellafill shines with its exceptional longevity, offering results that can last up to 5 years for smile lines and over 1 year for acne scars. This translates to fewer appointments and significant cost savings compared to fillers requiring more frequent maintenance.

Fast Track to Flawless

Craving immediate gratification? Bellafill delivers. The smooth collagen gel component provides instant volume and lift, minimizing wrinkles and folds right after the injection. So, you can walk out of the treatment room with noticeable results and newfound confidence.

Minimal Downtime, Maximum Impact

No need to put your life on hold. Bellafill injections are minimally invasive, requiring no anesthesia and minimal discomfort. You can expect some mild swelling and redness, but most people resume their daily activities soon after the treatment.

Naturally Beautiful Results

Bellafill boasts a unique approach to volume restoration. The PMMA microspheres stimulate your body’s own collagen production, leading to natural-looking, long-lasting results that blend seamlessly with your existing skin.

It’s important to remember that individual results can vary, and scheduling a personalized consultation with our team to assess the best treatment plan and realistic expectations for your specific aesthetic goals is always recommended.

Bellafill for Specific Areas of Concern

Bellafill goes beyond simply addressing wrinkles and acne scars. It offers targeted benefits for specific areas, delivering long-lasting results and enhancing your natural beauty:

Smile Lines

Forget about those pesky laugh lines! Bellafill instantly plumps and smooths smile lines, restoring a youthful appearance. Its collagen gel provides an immediate lift, while the microspheres stimulate your own collagen production, ensuring up to 5 years of wrinkle-free smiles.

Acne Scars

Dealing with the aftermath of acne? Bellafill can help. Its unique properties tackle both depressed and ice-pick scars. The filler fills in the gaps, smoothing the uneven texture and softening their appearance. Over time, your body’s natural collagen response further promotes scar reduction, offering lasting improvement for over a year.

Midface and Temporal Hollows

Bellafill effectively volumizes your facial hollows as well as the Temporal Hollows, creating a smoother, more youthful appearance. The subtle lift minimizes dark circles and shadows, making you look brighter and younger.

Bellafill is not recommended for plumping lips or correcting under-eye tear troughs.

What to Expect During Bellafill Treatment

Embarking on a Bellafill journey for smoother, plumper skin? Knowing what to expect can ease your mind and prepare you for the best possible experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Before the Injection

  • Consultation: This crucial step involves discussing your aesthetic goals, medical history, and any allergies. The doctor will assess your suitability for Bellafill and explain the procedure, potential risks, and realistic expectations.
  • Skin Test: An essential safety measure, this test checks for potential allergic reactions to the collagen component of Bellafill.
  • Preparation: Avoid blood thinners like aspirin or ibuprofen for a few days before to minimize bruising. Inform your doctor of any medications or supplements you’re taking.

During the Procedure

  • Numbing: A local anesthesia will be used to minimize discomfort.
  • Injection: Using thin needles and/or microcannulas, the doctor strategically injects Bellafill into targeted areas, sculpting and defining your desired outcome.
  • Duration: The procedure typically takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the treatment area and complexity.
  • Post-Injection Care: Dr.Greenberg will provide specific instructions to make your aftercare regime as effective as possible.

Potential Side Effects

  • Mild swelling, redness, and bruising: These typically resolve within a few days.
  • Tenderness or itching: Apply ice packs for temporary relief.
  • Lumps or bumps: These can occur weeks later. Inform your doctor if they persist.
  • Rare complications: Granulomas (inflammatory nodules) are uncommon but require medical attention.

Minimizing Discomfort

  • Communicate with your doctor: Express any concerns about pain or discomfort.
  • Ask about numbing options: Topical anesthetic or local anesthesia can significantly reduce discomfort.
  • Relax during the procedure: Deep breathing and relaxation techniques can help manage discomfort.

After Your Bellafill Treatment

  • Prioritize soothing and protecting your treated areas. If needed, apply ice packs for 15-20 minute intervals throughout the day to minimize swelling and discomfort.
  • Take it easy by avoiding strenuous activity for at least 24 hours.
  • To further reduce swelling, ensure your head is elevated while sleeping during the first few nights.
  • Safeguard your skin from direct sunlight and extreme heat for several days to avoid complications.

By following these simple steps, you’ll optimize your healing process and maximize your Bellafill experience.

Before & After

*Individual results may vary


How long do the results of Bellafill Fillers last?

Bellafill is known for its long-lasting results compared to other dermal fillers. While individual results may vary, Bellafill typically lasts for up to 5 years for smile lines and nasolabial folds and acne scars.

Is Bellafill Filler treatment safe?

Bellafill is generally considered safe for most people when administered by a qualified healthcare professional and carries the FDA's approval for treating moderate to severe wrinkles and acne scars.

What is the cost of Bellafill Fillers treatment?

Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. The amount of Bellafill used and the complexity of the procedure will impact the price. Treating several areas or needing more syringes will naturally cost more. If you have questions about pricing, ask us about our financing options.

Are there any special considerations or aftercare instructions for Bellafill Fillers?

There’s no required downtime after your treatment with Bellafill®. You can return to your normal routine immediately.

Combining Bellafill with Other Treatments in Charlotte

Yes, you can potentially combine Bellafill with other treatments under certain circumstances. However, it’s crucial to consider and discuss the options with our team at Ageless Remedies SouthPark Med Spa.

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox is one of our most popular cosmetic injections and may complement Bellafill for a comprehensive anti-aging approach. Approved by the FDA, it can be used for the treatment of smaller wrinkles like frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

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Dysport and XEOMIN®

Dysport and Xeomin are prescription injectables similar to Botox giving the same natural-looking results.

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Daxxify can be coupled with Bellafill as part of your facial rejuvenation plan. This treatment relaxes facial muscles like Botox. In some people, its effect lasts up to 6 months.

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By collaborating with a qualified healthcare professional, you can explore the potential benefits of combining Bellafill with other treatments while ensuring a safe and personalized approach to achieving your desired aesthetic goals.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Consultation

To discuss your facial aesthetic goals and options, or to discuss other dermal fillers and treatments, contact us online or call 704-364-3332 to schedule an initial appointment with our experienced team today and learn more about how Bellafill can help you enhance your natural beauty. At Ageless Remedies SouthPark, we’ll work with you to create a custom plan that will meet your anti-aging needs in a professional environment and utilize the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine.


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